How to wear it? Series 1: SPAGHETTI CON OLIO DI OLIVA

One of the things I love most about jewellery is that, even though there may be two pieces of jewellery the same they can always be worn differently. The wearer can choose how she/he carries off the piece, and therefore looks different one everyone. 

As you saw in last weeks video the Spaghetti con olio di oliva earrings can be worn as a pair of earrings or a necklace as studs or as drops. The necklace is provided in the box. 

The Spaghetti & Olive Oil earrings are a marriage of two loves of mine... spaghetti & olive oil. Ha! Not really. I’m talking about food and architecture. The passion that goes into Italian cooking is like no other. Its deep history in cultural evolution landed us with the Spanish Steps and ingredients from across the water, which inspired a nation to live passionately with food at the forefront of their culture. And I can't get enough!

Wear your Goldie Rox jewellery with passion and conviction, knowing that each piece was born of love, culture and passion. Let if be a statement of your success.


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