Head shot of Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden designer of Goldie Rox Jewellery

Uniquely expressive and perfectly formed, Goldie Rox jewellery is the beautiful fruit of wild inspiration and a burning love for the classics. Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden’s bold and sensuous designs are all handmade in England by her and her team.

From a young age, Roxanne had shown an appreciation for aesthetics and an eye for style so it was no surprise when she went to study at London College of Fashion. While enthralled by the artistry of fashion design, her ever enquiring mind was drawn to the timeless allure of precious stones and, once she completed her course, she headed straight to De Beers where she was trained and became the youngest rough diamond valuer in the world. Roxanne went on to work for a number of the industry’s shining lights including Theo Fennell in Harrods Fine Jewellery Room and Bulgari in their flagship on Bond Street where she was entrusted with their highest value pieces, including Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery, brought over for the opening of their London hotel (and which Roxanne tried on in a high security vault – a feeling she will never forget).

Already a GIA graduate in diamonds and obsessed with gemology, irrepressible creativity was the only thing standing between Roxanne and a long career in traditional fine jewellery. A diamond expert and food enthusiast, she fused her passions and started her own range of everyday statement jewellery inspired by culinary experiences. Not for the faint of heart, Goldie Rox’s striking designs are playful yet sophisticated, classical yet undefinable. Roxanne is a devout believer that every day is worthy of celebration: wear your finery for family supper, bathe in your diamond earrings. Glamour is not just for weekends.

Roxanne’s background in high end traditional jewellery and her years of hands on experience ensure supreme quality while her extraordinary vision imbues the poetry and grandeur that make Goldie Rox as fascinating and individual as the women who wear it.