The story so far...

It had long been the jewellery industry’s worst kept secret that rising star Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden had been having an affair with good bad food.

Rox had always loved fashion and food but it seemed one had won over the other when she went to study at London College of Fashion. During this time, the sparkle of precious rox caught her eye and as soon as she had completed the course she headed to DeBeers where she soon became the youngest rough diamond valuer in the world and subsequently graduated from GIA. A glittering career followed, working for a number of fine jewellers and establishing herself as a recognised expert in high value pieces.

With everything she touched seemingly turning to gold, it seemed Rox had it all. If only it were that simple. Although she tried to deny it, there was no doubt that she still had feelings for food.

What started as an occasional tryst with a cheeseburger soon became a heady affair. It was not that she loved jewels any less, just that denying how she felt about food was eating her up. Something had to give. Rox and jewels went on a break.

Rox and food sped off around the world together. Travelling and exploring the flavours was restorative for Rox and she found herself at peace volunteering for Save the Children. As she ate her way around the globe, she could not help but notice some genuinely exciting contemporary jewellery designers. Without neglecting her food tour, Rox took the opportunity to get closer to these jewellers and took a host of goldsmith classes in Melbourne. Rox had found her happy place between food and jewellery and was struck by inspiration.

And so, GoldieRox was born.